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Funeral Pall - Pugh's Funeral DirectorsWe would like to give our thanks to Pugh's Funeral Directors (Pugh's website) for their use of a hearse and coffin for these pictures.
Funeral Pall - Daffodils on dark green, hand painted on velvet


“A friend asked me to design something to cover her coffin”.


This has shown us that there is a need for individual touches to funerals. The designs are tailored to the requests of the dying and their family and friends. Often the covering is rich and glorious which can dignify the plainest of coffins.


Some families keep the fabric as an heir loom to be used again, whilst others have made them into one large hanging or divided the cloth for distribution among the family.


This is not a new idea as the Royal family and armed forces use the Royal Standard and Union Jack  to drape over coffins, and members of the aristocracy have velvet palls bearing their coats of arms.

Coffin Covers

We work Pughs Funeral Directors in Shrewsbury to design and provide beautiful coffin covers.


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